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The Centre

The Bulkley Valley Research Centre is an independent, not-for-profit organization located in Smithers, British Columbia. Our purpose is to supply the robust science required to inform and advance policy and practice related to sustainable natural resource management. Since its establishment in 2002, the BVRC has been at the forefront of conducting independent, high-quality research in northwest BC, overseeing the management of over $20 million in research funding. Our research initiatives are often multi-year and involve collaboration among a range of stakeholders in the field of natural resource management, including industry, government, First Nations, academic institutions, and conservation organizations.

The BVRC serves as a vital platform for researchers to connect with each other and to extend research findings. We are also committed to fostering community engagement on regional natural resource management issues and facilitating decision-making that promotes long-term community sustainability. We provide learning and collaboration opportunities for researchers and the wider community through a variety of avenues, including seminars, conferences, and workshops. Our DataHub, launched in fall 2023,  is a critical component of our knowledge extension. It provides a freely accessible, searchable repository of original research and data on the natural resources of northwest BC.