Do Whitebark Pine – Lichen Ecosystems of West Central British Columbia Display Tipping Point Behaviour in Response to Cumulative Stress?

This report explores the response of ecosystems in British Columbia, particularly whitebark pine - reindeer lichen ecosystems in west central British Columbia, to various stressors including disturbances like wildfires, storms, and insect outbreaks. It discusses the concept of non-linear responses in ecosystems, where significant events act as tipping points, leading to sudden shifts in ecosystem states. The report focuses on how the outbreak of mountain pine beetles and climate change have affected these ecosystems, and it introduces the study's objectives, methodology, and preliminary findings. The goal is to understand ecosystem resilience and tipping point behaviors in the face of cumulative changes and multiple stressors.

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Author(s) S. Haeussler, A. Woods, K. White, E. Cambell, A. Banner, P. Lepage
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Affiliated Institution(s) Bulkley Valley Research Centre, University of British Columbia, B.C. Ministry of Forests and Range, Westland Resources, Office of the Wet‟suwet‟en
Publication Year 2009