Ecosystem Change at Whitebark Pine’s Northern Limit

The article discusses research on whitebark pine ecosystems, particularly in the context of the Bulkley Valley Research Centre's ongoing work (now completed). The study focuses on whitebark pine, which is found at the northern limit of its range in the Coastal mountains and is affected by factors like mountain pine beetle (MPB), white pine blister rust (WPBR), climate change, and fire suppression. The previous work by Haeussler et al. in 2009 examined changes in whitebark pine-dominated stands on nutrient-poor sites due to these stressors. The article presents a follow-up study that aimed to test hypotheses related to changes in forest composition over time.

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Author(s) A. Clason, S. E. Macdonald, S. Haeussler
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Affiliated Institution(s) Bulkley Valley Research Centre, University of Alberta, University of Northern British Columbia
Publication Year 2009