Ecosystem Restoration and Invasive Species Control at Toodienia/Hubert Hill 2015 Report


The report focuses on the Toodienia/Hubert Hill conservation area near Telkwa, BC, known for its unique Rocky Mountain Juniper – Saskatoon – Slender wheatgrass savanna-steppe ecological community. The area faced disruption due to development before its acquisition by the Province of BC in 1998, leading to invasive species dominance. Efforts for ecological restoration and invasive species control have been sporadic. An updated restoration plan was devised in 2013.

This abstract summarizes the activities conducted in 2015 to implement the restoration plan. Specifically, it describes the successful transplanting of fifteen new Rocky Mountain juniper seedlings alongside existing transplants. The survival rate of the 2015 transplants was 100% despite dry weather. Attempts to propagate wild cherry were largely unsuccessful, resulting in only a few rooted choke cherry plants. Seeds from the choke cherry crop were collected, stratified, and sown. Similarly, seeds from ten native herbs were collected and stratified, with some unstratified seeds sown in a test area.

The report highlights efforts to combat the invasive Canada thistle, including mapping patches and hand-weeding in designated restoration areas. Additionally, measures were taken to prevent the encroachment of black cottonwood trees by felling those that invaded the area. A permanent photo-tiepoint was established to monitor the progress of restoration efforts. The report provides a comprehensive overview of actions taken in 2015 towards restoring the ecological balance of the Toodienia/Hubert Hill area.

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Author(s) S. Haeussler
Funding Agency/Agencies BC Ministry FLNRO Skeena Region, BC Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation
Affiliated Institution(s) Bulkley Valley Research Centre
Publication Year 2015