Exploring Whitebark Pine at its Northwest Limit

The article documents the completion of a project conducted in 2009 by the Bulkley Valley Research Centre, focusing on the study of whitebark pine ecosystems near Smithers, west-central British Columbia. The project aimed to understand the dynamics, challenges, and conditions of these ecosystems, including factors like white pine blister rust, mountain pine beetle outbreaks, and wildfire impacts. It also explored potential restoration strategies, such as planting and seeding whitebark pine, and observed the behavior of Clark's Nutcrackers in relation to seed dispersal. Previous Nutcracker Notes reports by Haeussler (2008) and Clason (2010) have described some of the work to date.

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Source URL https://bvcentre.ca/research/project/testing_ecological_resilience_theory_in_pine-lichen_ecosystems_of_west_cent
Author(s) S. Haeussler, A. Clason
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Affiliated Institution(s) Bulkley Valley Research Centre
Publication Year 2010