Growth Prediction of Canopy Trees in Complex Structured Mixed-Species Stands

This project, assisted by Erin Hall, Gabe Newman, and Denise Bustard, is designed to quantify and predict growth responses to different management strategies of the dominant tree species found in the Sub-Boreal Spruce zones of north central British Columbia. The tree species under investigation are hybrid white spruce, lodgepole pine, subalpine fir, trembling aspen, paper birch and black cottonwood. The study will have two main results: (1) to allow estimates of maximum tree growth for a given set of climate and soil conditions as a function of tree species and size; and (2) to examine competitive effects from surrounding trees, partitioned into effects of shading versus physical crowding. The objective is to develop methods of quantifying canopy tree competition that can be obtained from data readily available from permanent plots in mapped forest stands.

Field data were collected during summer and fall 2003. A draft research paper and extension note have been prepared. Results from the project are being incorporated into SORTIE/BC to allow the adult tree growth function (part of the Growth submodel) to be parameterized for the SBS zone.

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Author(s) D. Coates
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Publication Year 2003